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Great Lakes Recovery Centers believes that chemical dependency - alcohol or other drug addiction - is a disease that affects individuals, family members, and the community. The treatment of this illness can best be addressed with an array of services provided by caring professionals involving the individual, family, and community. It is only through this comprehensive approach that long-term recovery is strengthened.

Great Lakes Recovery Centers, Inc. (GLRC) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been providing substance abuse and mental health counseling for children, adolescents, adults, and families, for nearly 40 years. We show people that change is possible, and give them a safe place to undergo that change.

Specifically in the Copper Country, we have the Ripple Recovery Residence in L'Anse and an outpatient office in Hancock. The Ripple Recovery Residence provides a recovery-oriented environment for women and their children (up to the age of 11). This type of specialty housing provides structure and support for those living in recovery and offers a safe environment for individuals to continue to heal from the impacts of addiction. Our staff is committed to helping residents gain life skills, make healthy decisions, and strengthen their recovery. Hancock Outpatient Services work with individuals who are troubled by: anxiety and/or depression, stress and difficulties in relationships, trauma and abuse (PTSD), and Substance Use Disorders (addiction/alcoholism).

GLRC provides diversified services across the Upper Peninsula, which includes ten Outpatient Service offices, four residential treatment centers, and four recovery houses. We provide services to vulnerable individuals such as parolees who are released in Upper Michigan to ensure they will not re-offend, youth and adults who struggle with Substance Use Disorder and frequently also struggle with mental illness and trauma, families who are affected by addiction, and rural communities that struggle with mental illness and substance abuse. Additionally, we coordinate several Communities that Care coalitions in the U.P., provide trauma assessments to children/youth aged 2-17, coordinate the First Aid Initiative courses for our communities, facilitate a Suicide Prevention Action Team in Marquette County, and offer short-term shelter for youth involved with Marquette Juvenile Courts who need emergency housing.

Learn more about Great Lakes Recovery Centers. CLICK HERE

Kaleidoscope: A Keweenaw Education Organization, was founded on the belief that all families should have a say in their children’s educational pursuits. We provide educational resources to our community and collaborate with homeschooling and traditional schooling families to connect them to educational opportunities that match their needs.

At Kaleidoscope, we don’t just accept differences—we celebrate, support, and thrive on them for the benefit of our employees, our students, and our community. We are committed to providing equal educational opportunities and are proud to be an affirmative action employer.

Our Mission:
Kaleidoscope provides holistic support and engaging learning experiences to families through classes and community events.

Our Core Values:
We are inclusive
We are non-discriminatory
We operate in a collegial spirit
We embrace mutual respect
We strive to embrace many educational philosophies

Our Partners:
Kaleidoscope partners with The Public Schools of Calumet, Laurium & Keweenaw‘s Virtual Programs and is available to all students residing within the state of Michigan.


At Kaleidoscope, we would use the funds to support our educational programs for children. We offer many in-person classes, as well as summer events.
Battle of the Books
Explore Isle Royale
Fiber Arts
Martial Arts
Tinker Lab

We currently have a limited number of spots available in each class and/or activity. The donation would allow us to open the classes to more students by paying for the necessary supplies and expenses that correspond with each class.

Weekday and after school classes
Art, Cooking, Fiber Arts, Finnish Culture, Martial Arts, Wilderness Exploration, STEAM and more

Events for the Whole Family
Open Ice Skating, Summer Martial Arts, Parents' Craft Night, Fairy House Building, Battle of the Books, Nature Walks, Online Presentations and more

Virtual Electives
Art Sampler, Health. Horsemanship, Ice Skating, Life Skills, Music, Nature, Performing Arts, Skiing, Sports Sampler, STEAM, Visual Arts, World Cultures

Please visit our website to learn more. CLICK HERE

Since 1991, the Keweenaw Family Resource Center, home of the Tree House Indoor Playground has supported local families with young children. We strive to strengthen families by building resilience, supporting parent education and offering programs that support the social-emotional development of young children. KFRC is the first link to community resources for many families. Copper Country families from all backgrounds participate in programs and services at KFRC.

The Tree House Indoor Playground provides children (birth through age 4) and their caregivers a place to enjoy activities devoted to physical, emotional and social development.

Playgroups provide children and their caregivers a supportive and nurturing environment to build a strong community and social connection — and learn about child development, community resources es and other services.

Welcome Baby Program provides new parents at the local hospitals Welcome Baby Bags filled with helpful information, a small gift and an opportunity to sign up for “Parenting: The First Year” newsletters. This program is offered in collaboration with the Copper Country Great Start Collaborative.

Family Support Services connect families to resources and services that help them develop as parents and meet the physical, educational and social-emotional needs of their children. Parents as Teachers Home Visitation is available for expectant parents and families seeking more in-depth support services.

Baby Closet accepts donations of diapers, wipes and gently used baby clothing and equipment - then, distributes the items at no cost to families in need.

As with many organizations, the pandemic has had a major impact on how KFRC serves families and children. Although our traditional playgroups and open playtimes had to be modified — KFRC has continued to provide in-kind support through the Baby Closet, family engagement event/activities and space for children with disabilities to receive special education services, parent education materials and general family support for families impacted by the pandemic.

Thank you Copper Country for making the Keweenaw a great place to raise a family.

Learn more about Keweenaw Family Resource Center. CLICK HERE

Keweenaw Wild Bird R.E.C. (Rehabilitation, Education, Conservation) would like to be considered for the Keweenaw Co-op bring a bag campaign donation recipient. We are a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization based out of Hancock. Our mission is to provide rehabilitative care to sick, injured, ill, and orphaned native wild birds, excluding birds of prey. We also focus on school-aged education in addition to conservation projects to help local native birds.

We feel strongly that teaching kids about our environment and the wild creatures that live amongst us will inspire and encourage them to protect our earth and its wild residents for many years to come. In 2021, we built nesting boxes with fourth and fifth graders at Dollar Bay-Tamarack school while teaching them about insectivores and the importance of these types of birds to our ecosystem. We are going to do a similar project in 2022.

Conservation-wise, we are going to be doing a bird-specific native plant sale to encourage native planting which benefits our area for birds, pollinators and other wildlife by providing food and shelter for our wild friends. Money raised will stay in our community to continue education and conservation programs benefiting our environment and continue to aid the feathered friends that call the Copper Country home.

Learn more about Keweenaw Wild Bird R.E.C.


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