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Become an Owner

We welcome new Owners to the Keweenaw Co-op. Ownership is not required to shop, but Owners enjoy added benefits and services. To become an Owner of the Co-op, you make your Initial Owner Investment, a one-time $200 investment (payment plans are available). This investment does not increase or decrease in value and may be redeemed if you choose to discontinue your Ownership. Your investment in the Co-op provides the capital needed to finance long-term projects such as building improvements and equipment purchases. This equity is our promise to each other and a commitment to our community that we value what the Keweenaw Co-op stands for and what it provides for our quality of life.

Payment Options

Payment plans are available for your Initial Owner Investment over a one, two, and ten year period. Please select the plan that minimizes the costs to your Co-op, while still being financially feasible for your family. Benefits begin with your first payment.

  • Plan 1 Pay $200 in one installment*

  • Plan 2 Pay $50 every 3 months for a year

  • Plan 3 Pay $25 every 3 months for 2 years

  • Plan 4 Pay $20 a year for 10 years

* Plan 1 minimizes account maintenance costs and maximizes equity per Owner.

  • Owners begin receiving benefits upon first payment toward the Initial Owner Investment (as long as payment plan status remains current).

  • Membership means ownership

  • Participate in the Co-op’s governance

  • Earn an Annual Patronage Refund

  • Special Order items

  • Discounts on pre-ordered cases

  • Use of the Co-op Community Room

  • Owner Appreciation Events & Extras

  • Bi-monthly Newsletter / Circumspice


Policy of Uniform Conditions of Membership

Initial Owner Investment
Owners who are participating in a multiple installment payment plan to purchase their Membership Stock and have payments pending, must be in good standing with their account in order to receive Owner benefits.

Participate in Governance
Owners are entitled to all voting control of the Co-op. Each Owner has one vote on each matter submitted to a vote of the Ownership. Owners are not required to exercise their voting rights but they are encouraged to do so. The Board of Directors, who act on behalf of the Co-op, are elected by, and from, the Ownership. Participating in governance assures the Co-op’s accountability to its Ownership.

Provide Current Ownership Information
It is an Owner’s responsibility to communicate with the Co-op concerning changes to your contact information. This can be done at the store, by email, by phone, or by written notification. Owner capital, including capital stock, patronage refund, and capital credits, will be forfeited if an Owner cannot be located as described in the Co-op’s Articles of Incorporation.

Be an Active Patron
Support your Co-op. The Co-op’s Board, Management, and Staff encourage Owner input on any issue that concerns you as a customer and Owner. Call us, write to us, email us, or write a note on the Customer Comments Cards located at the front checkout.

How to Invest
It’s easy to become a Co-op Owner! Just ask one of our staff at the store.



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