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Board of Directors 

As we prepare to move to our new store, it is an exciting time to serve on our Keweenaw Co+op Board of Directors. We are looking for owners who are willing to take on and are comfortable with a leadership role.  We need candidates who are willing to learn and who are willing to work closely and cooperatively with fellow directors. 

To find out more, check out our application here.

If you are an owner and would like to learn more about board service, please email nominations@keweenaw.coop.

The Co-op’s Reincorporation in 2022

In preparation for relocation to downtown Hancock, the Co-op needed to reincorporate under Michigan law. The reincorporation transition allowed for planned improvements to our ownership structure and options for owners. (From 2010-2022 we were incorporated in Ohio because of more favorable cooperative law at that time.)

Here is information that explains these changes.

Letter from the Board of Directors about the transition:

In preparation for relocation to downtown Hancock, the Co-op needed to reincorporate under Michigan law. One new Michigan requirement is that we issue a Membership Certificate to all fully-vested Owners, which provides important Membership information. As your Initial Owner Investment is paid in full and your Membership is in good standing, your Certificate is linked below and also documented in Co-op Membership records.

Working with legal counsel, the Board of Directors has also updated our Membership Agreement for compliance with Michigan law and made other improvements, including addressing certain problems that emerged in the last ten years. Your completion of a new Membership Agreement will bring your Membership up to date and provide you with better options to assure continuity of Membership for your family and household.

As a Member in good standing, you can now accomplish the following actions by completing the new Membership Agreement:

  • Legally name a true joint owner for your Membership and Member Capital*

  • Legally agree to accept email/electronic communications for official Member communications

  • Legally designate a beneficiary for your Membership/Member Capital

*Important Note: your “Other Household Adult” is currently NOT a legal holder of your Membership or your Member Capital. That designation only allows use of your Owner number at the register, and provides no legal rights to the Membership/Capital.

The Board of Directors strongly recommends that all Co-op Owners complete the new Membership Agreement. As a Member in good standing, the following applies to you:
Strongly Recommended:

  • Sign a new Membership Agreement

  • Complete the Agreement Exhibit A: Member Contact Information & Permission for Electronic Communications


  • If desired, complete the Agreement Exhibit C for Joint Ownership of your Membership

  • If desired, complete the Agreement Exhibit D to name beneficiaries

Not needed:

  • Agreement Exhibit B for payment of Initial Owner Investment

You may find our online Member Resource FAQs about Membership Transition to be helpful, and we welcome your direct questions and comments as well.

In partnership with our members, we are looking forward to the Co-op’s relocation. We feel confident that all of these improvements will lead to a better Co-op for our Members and community.

We sincerely thank you for being an Owner and patron of the Keweenaw Co-op,

Roger Woods, President

On behalf of the Keweenaw Co-op Board of Directors


Updating your Ownership and Keeping your Information Up-to-date

It is an Owner’s responsibility to communicate with the Co-op concerning changes to their contact information. This can be done at the store, by email, by phone, or by written notification. Owner capital, including capital stock, patronage refund, and capital credits, will be forfeited if an Owner cannot be located as described in the Co-op’s Articles of Incorporation (4/5/2022).

NOTE: If your owner number is 6703 or higher, you have already filled out the MI Co-op Documents. (You may wish to add a joint owner or beneficiaries as shown below.)

Owners # 1 through 6702: Bring your Membership Agreement up-to-date with our Michigan Co-op Documents (*Why? see below) Membership Agreement Update Form

If your paperwork is already up-to-date with our Michigan Co-op (Owners # 1 - 6702 with updated Membership Agreement documents and owners # 6703 and up):

Other changes, such as removing or changing a joint owner or reporting the death of an owner, please contact ownerservices@keweenaw.coop.

*Why would you choose to update your documents if you're already an owner (#1 through 6702)?

You must complete the new Membership Agreement if:

  • You wish to name somebody as a true “joint owner” of your membership. Any current “Other Household Adult” is not a true joint owner and has no member/owner rights, they can only use your owner number at the registers.

  • You are willing to give us legal permission to communicate official membership business with you via email or other electronic means, which saves resources and labor.

  • You wish to name one or more beneficiaries for your Membership and Member Capital.

Additional Details:

If you have any questions please contact Owner Services: ownerservices@keweenaw.coop



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