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Why I'm Investing

Posted May 24, 2022

Why are you investing in the Keweenaw Co-op?

"Keweenaw Co-op is a valuable resource to this community, I am excited to be a part of it's future growth." - Shawn Oppliger 

"So we can continue to have good quality food — I like the variety and the bulk foods." - Charles Young

"We support the availability and access to local food in our community." - Kate and Patrick Brogan

"I like having organic, healthy foods available to me." - Susan Wiles

"We've been members since 1978 and are really excited to support the move to the new location." - The Spence Family

"We're excited to help support the mission of keeping local, healthy, sustainable food available in the Keweenaw." - Danielle Ahrens and Izaak Lauer

"Our Keweenaw Co-op implements a business philosophy that values much more than just the bottom line -- one that focuses on healthy people, food and community." - Lisa Reitz

"It is member-owned. We all have a say in the decision-making process and can shape the future of our health and well-being." - Kim Green

"I want to support local food producers and the Copper Country economy." - Cynthia Hodges

"The co-op is vital to the health of the community." - Roger Woods

"The Co-op is a member-owned, local business that provides sustainably grown and produced food & products, and actively contributes to our community in so many ways." - Joan Chadde-Schumaker

"I believe it plays a vital role in creating a healthy community in the Copper Country." - Matt Petersen

"A friendly and thoughtful place to shop. The Co-op provides a wide variety of foods to meet people’s dietary needs. Become a member and help us grow!" - Cathy Campbell-Olszewski

"It is an irreplaceable community asset, embodying the kind of food economy I want to see in our world." - Stephen Jukuri

"I believe everyone should have access to fresh, high-quality food." - Natalie Nold

"I am committed to The Co-op’s mission and believe this project unlocks incredible potential to do more in our community." - Curt Webb

Just a few of the folks investing in the Keweenaw Co-op!




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