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Relocation Groundbreaking Ceremony - A Great Success!!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your presence and support at our groundbreaking ceremony. Your enthusiastic participation made the event truly remarkable and filled it with a sense ...

Relocation Groundbreaking Ceremony

🌱 Exciting Announcement: We're Breaking Ground on Our New Location! 🌱 We are delighted to share the thrilling news that Keweenaw Co-op Market & Deli, your beloved community grocery store, ...

Relocation Update - By Curt Webb

It’s been a busy 50th year of service for the Co-op so far and we’re only getting started! Here’s a project update as of early May, 2023:   Financing Progress To date ...

50th Anniversary Cookbook

Help us put together our 50th Anniversary Cookbook! Pick up to 5 of your favorite recipes - they do not need to be your original recipes. They can come from a cookbook, the internet, your Uncle Bob, ...

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work --- by Cynthia Hodges (Capital Campaign Manager)

Circumspice — May/June 2022 Issue teamwork makes the dream work The Keweenaw Co-op is the Copper Country’s only community-owned grocery store — a place where neighbors can come ...

Relocation Update --- By Lisa Reitz and Curt Webb

Circumspice — March/April 2022 Issue Where does your strength come from? —by Lisa Reitz, Board President I asked a few friends for a 1-2 word response to this question and oh did I ...

Relocation Update --- By Curt Webb

Circumspice — Jan/Feb 2022 Issue Many of you remember, though for most this may be a surprise: The Keweenaw Co-op is currently incorporated in the State of Ohio. Why? I thought you’d ask! ...

Relocation Update

Circumspice — Fall/Winter 2021-22 issue Preliminary planning and due diligence work continue. Currently underway: • Environmental assessment of the site • Discussions with primary ...

Keweenaw Co-op Preparing for a Big Move!

Hancock, MI — August 28, 2021 – Keweenaw Co-op Since it started as a buying club in 1973, the Keweenaw Co-op has a history of growth and change. As a local, community-owned institution it ...




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