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Invest in Our Community

Community investment is key! It supports the Co-op’s plans to relocate our existing store to a bigger, more accessible location at 612 Quincy St in Hancock. An expanded Co-op means more local ...

How to Invest - Step by Step

Are you a Michigan resident? If so, invest in the Keweenaw Co-op by following these simple steps: Request an investment packet Carefully read the info in the packet. Let us know how ...

Info Session Schedule - Learn about our relocation plans and investment campaign

Tuesday, June 21st from 5:30-6:30pm - Remote Workforce Keweenaw and Keweenaw Young Professionals Info Session -  at the Future Home of the Keweenaw Co-op, 612 Quincy St, Hancock, MI. Please join ...

Some Common Concerns

Here are some common concerns we've collected in conversations during the capital campaign and Keweenaw Co-op’s responses to them. Concern: All owners are required to invest $2,000. Response: ...

Why I'm Investing

Why are you investing in the Keweenaw Co-op? "Keweenaw Co-op is a valuable resource to this community, I am excited to be a part of it's future growth." - Shawn Oppliger  "So we can continue ...

Other Ways to Help Us Grow

We realize that not everyone is in a position to invest. Other great ways to support the Co-op include: Shop now and after the relocation!   Tell your friends to shop, join, and ...

Bridgefest 2022 - Shopping Cart Brigade

Friday, June 17th, at 5:30pm we'll meet near the Tire Shop (aka Santori's Corner) for parade line up and to decorate shopping carts. The parade begins at 7:05pm, and ends near the miner's statue in ...

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work --- by Cynthia Hodges (Capital Campaign Manager)

Circumspice — May/June 2022 Issue teamwork makes the dream work The Keweenaw Co-op is the Copper Country’s only community-owned grocery store — a place where neighbors can come ...

Relocation Update --- By Lisa Reitz and Curt Webb

Circumspice — March/April 2022 Issue Where does your strength come from? —by Lisa Reitz, Board President I asked a few friends for a 1-2 word response to this question and oh did I ...

Relocation Update --- By Curt Webb

Circumspice — Jan/Feb 2022 Issue Many of you remember, though for most this may be a surprise: The Keweenaw Co-op is currently incorporated in the State of Ohio. Why? I thought you’d ask! ...

Relocation Update

Circumspice — Fall/Winter 2021-22 issue Preliminary planning and due diligence work continue. Currently underway: • Environmental assessment of the site • Discussions with primary ...

Keweenaw Co-op Preparing for a Big Move!

Hancock, MI — August 28, 2021 – Keweenaw Co-op Since it started as a buying club in 1973, the Keweenaw Co-op has a history of growth and change. As a local, community-owned institution it ...




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