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Community Room

The Keweenaw Co-op Community Room is located on the second floor of the Keweenaw Co-op. Tables and chairs are available for use, as are electrical outlets. No other materials, equipment, or amenities are provided. Seating capacity of the room is 20.

Contact the Marketing & Outreach Coordinator to reserve the room.

Use Policy

The Keweenaw Cooperative Community Room is available for use to Owners of our community. The following guidelines should answer most of your questions about use of the room.

Who can use it

Groups and organizations needing a space for community meetings (e.g. garden clubs, service organizations, etc) are welcome to use the Community Room. The space is not intended for commercial use, promoting a business, political events, educational seminars or classes (except those sponsored by the Keweenaw Co-op), or for any event for which a fee will be charged.

Allowing a group to use the Community Room does not in any way constitute an endorsement by the Keweenaw Cooperative Board of Directors, Keweenaw Cooperative management, or Keweenaw Cooperative staff of that groups beliefs, and no claim to that effect nor claim of Keweenaw Cooperative sponsorship may be used explicitly or implicitly, in advertising.


There is no charge for the use of the Community Room.


The Community Room is available for use during the Co-op’s store hours. We ask that groups finish by 7:45pm so the room will be vacated by closing time. There is a 3-hour time limit on the use of the room, unless otherwise approved by the Marketing & Outreach Coordinator.

First priority for use of the space is given to the Co-op's educational programming, store, and Board needs. For this reason the Co-op cannot provide a permanent or continuous meeting space for any organization. Organizations may schedule only one meeting at a time.

Room Use Guidelines

  • Food and drink are permitted provided that all items are from the Keweenaw Co-op Deli or Market. All items should be paid for at the register prior to bringing them to the Community Room.

  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted. The only exceptions would be a Keweenaw Co-op presented class or tasting.

  • No amplified music is permitted.

  • Persons attending meetings in the Keweenaw Co-op Community Room must use street parking. Please notify meeting attendees of this when sending out information about your meeting.

  • The room must be left clean and in the same condition as prior to use.

  • The Keweenaw Co-op reserves the right to ask any Community Room user to leave if they violate any of these rules or if, in the opinion of the Co-op’s manager on duty, the user’s activities pose a threat to the safety of Co-op Owners or shoppers or are in violation of the law.

 Thanks in advance for your responsible use of this community resource.



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