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Relocation Update --- By Lisa Reitz and Curt Webb

Posted March 15, 2022

Circumspice — March/April 2022 Issue

Where does your strength come from?

—by Lisa Reitz, Board President

I asked a few friends for a 1-2 word response to this question and oh did I receive a whole variety of answers - here are some: protein, my experiences, physical activity, my mindset, shoveling, faith, family, and to no surprise this one showed up – Yooper SISU. How would you answer this question?

If I asked the same question about the Co-op – where does the strength of the Co-op come from? – how could that be answered? A few 1-2 word answers that come to mind include community support, healthy food, longevity, leadership, awesome staff, shared vision, and YOU. Yes! — as an owner — our strength comes from you! Your support shows up in so many ways, and voting is one of them. This year owners will have the opportunity to cast their vote on important future-oriented topics.  

Board of Directors. Each year we host an annual meeting and invite owners to attend to learn about the Co-op and share feedback. Leading up to the annual meeting, the Board of Directors election takes place. Why does your owner vote matter on this? Simply put, the role of the Board of Directors is to govern the Co-op to assure everything is running smoothly. Directors work hand-in-hand with our GM, Curt Webb, determining the Co-op’s strategic direction and monitoring performance along the way. Having a healthy and strong board is always important, and during relocation, a must. Voting for those who fill these open Board positions is a right of all owners.

Relocation Readiness. Countless decisions about our relocation will be made along the way, and engaging with owners on key decision points that support a successful project is crucial. When those decisions impact the structure of our cooperative, owners will determine the outcome with their vote. While that outcome sets our course, even more powerful is the indication of support for the Co-op’s plans for the future, including a successful relocation. We plan to play a prominent role in our community for years and years to come, and your simple act of voting will help shape the future of the Keweenaw Co-op. Use that owner's right to vote!

Voting takes place online with results tallied at a virtual member meeting on April 21st. Look in-store, on social media, and in your email for education about upcoming voting opportunities and voting details. When you use your right to vote, it’s a vote to keep the Co-op healthy and STRONG. We are grateful for your support!

Relocation Update

—by Curt Webb, General Manager

Building a grocery store in 2022 is no small endeavor. Our financing package uses multiple sources, all dependent on one-another. We’ve built cash over the years, and that’s a great start! We are excited about some grant opportunities that our project puts us in the running for. Our potential lenders are looking to finance our project because of our mission, values and location, as well as our cooperative structure. But we’re most excited about the slice of this pie that comes from our supportive community! This is just a teaser, there will be lots more to read on this topic in the coming months.

We’re planning Owner/community forums on several topics related to the Co-op’s relocation. Look for emails and postings in the store soon!




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